Sunday 20, May

Manics: We are all 'confused and bewildered'

The Manics: Echoes of our past are really coming home to roost

On Friday 13 April the Manic Street Preachers released their 13th studio album Resistance is Futile.

"I'm looking forward to watching James at the side of the stage watching Slash play guitar!" jokes Nicky.

"Yeah, I'm looking forward to that if I can get to the side of the stage," admits James.

"It is quite strange because obviously we made those statements about trying to sell more records than Gun N' Roses all those years ago and now we'll be supporting them on their victory lap" adds the singer.

Before playing with some of their heroes, the band are aiming for another number one album - to go with 1998's This is My Truth Tell Me Yours - and admit there has been was no record release revelry.

Like with superstitions, the Manics are happy to leave all that to somebody else.

"There's no celebration when the record comes out," admits James.

"It's all nerves and number-crunching. The amount of ambition that we still have is kind of unreasonable."

Nicky adds: "We've had four number two albums.

"I think we lost out to the Arctic Monkeys, George Michael and lots of good acts. So it would be pretty depressing to lose out to *something about the circus."

*We can only assume he means The Greatest Showman soundtrack.

Resistance is Futile is out now and the Manics start their UK tour in Newcastle on 23 April

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