Sunday 22, April

Tick fears as Great Orme goats invade Llandudno school field

A school in Llandudno has had to close off parts of its grounds because the areas have been invaded by goats.

"We've had several children come to the office having picked up a tick on the sports field. It's very worrying as ticks can cause health problems.

"We're a school which tries hard to be environmentally friendly and teach children about the importance of nature. But the goats are causing too many problems.

"The children have been growing fruit trees, and they're really disappointed when the trees are damaged by the goats breaking in and eating them."

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Conwy council said that the Great Orme goats are wild animals, and although it manages the country park where they live, it's not directly responsible for them.

It said the animals were in the school grounds because they had been driven out of the herd by rival males as there were so many goats.

The council said it had been working to reduce the size of the herd by moving some of them elsewhere, and with a trial of goat contraceptives, and that had been working.


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