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Bafta: 11 things we learned at the Television Awards

There was drama. There was comedy. There were selfies on the red carpet.

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10. Casualty doesn't have an issue with gender pay

"There isn't particularly a gender pay gap on Casualty, I wouldn't say," commented the show's executive producer Simon Harper.

"I think one thing that came to light, with the whole pay publication thing last summer, was just how hard our artists work and every single one of them deserve every single penny they earn.

"I think in the industry there's still work to be done, but I think we can hold our heads high on that front."

11. Daisy May Cooper will not be buying more shoes on eBay

This Country won the scripted comedy award and best female comedy performance for Daisy May Cooper.

Both acceptance speeches were memorable - not least for Daisy's somewhat unusual choice of dress, which looked like a gigantic football shirt with Swindon on the front and Mucklowe (her character Kerry's surname) on the back.

"I just decided it had to be done, because Kerry wears Swindon, we're doing it for the south-west," Daisy said backstage.

"Sewgirl made it, and it's fabulous. I'm really happy that she did it. But I got the shoes for eBay for £10... that'll teach me."

(She had to take the shoes off by the time she accepted her second award because they were so painful.)


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