Monday 21, May

Asda petrol: Questions over pay at the pump charges

A woman who believed she had been charged £99 for £5 worth of petrol at Asda says the supermarket's new payment system is an "absolute joke".

"Anything could happen over the next few weeks that might mean I can't afford to put fuel in, so as a precaution to make sure I can get me and my children from A to B, I sometimes top up silly amounts like £5 to keep it at full."

So when she saw the £99 pending transaction (pictured above) on her account, she took to Facebook to warn others of the charge.

"They should have notices on the petrol pumps making customers aware of this .... absolute joke!!!", she wrote.

She said: "I've been told the money doesn't actually leave your account, it's just ring-fenced until Asda claim the second transaction of the actual amount of fuel you took. Regardless, for three days I was unable to access my money."

'Unfortunate delay'

Asda said: "We take any customer complaint seriously, but it's important to clarify that at no point has Asda taken or held Jade Louise's money as a result of this transaction.

"Visa and MasterCard have increased the minimum pre-authorisation amount at pay at the pump petrol pumps for all retailers and unfortunately, there seems to have been a delay in Jade Louise's bank releasing the hold."

The supermarket said it was unaware of anyone else having any problems using the system.

Even though the new higher pre-authorisation level was set last year, it is only now being introduced. Asda is trialling it at three sites over the next two months at petrol stations in Dewsbury, Barry and Widnes.

It is likely to be introduced more widely and at rival supermarkets when their petrol stations are upgraded.


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