Sunday 18, March

Reality Check

Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson told BBC Radio 4's Today Programme that the UK's trade with the EU had been declining rapidly in the last 10 years and that it had fallen to about 44%.

The other figure he used was that another 12% of total UK trade is with countries with which the EU has deals that free up trade, for example, by removing some tariffs.

If you take the countries with which the EU has trade agreements in force you do indeed get to 12% of UK trade.

When the UK leaves the EU it will lose those deals and will have to renegotiate them or trade under WTO rules.

Boris Johnson also referred to the countries with which the UK has had the biggest growth in trade, in which he included 100% growth in the UK's trade with South Korea since 2010 (again, he is just referring to exports, which grew from just over £3bn in 2010 to just over £6bn in 2016).

At least some of the credit for that must go to the EU's trade agreement with the country, which has been in effect since mid-2011.

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